New Models on the way, "LTR-40126H" / "LTR-40126S"?

I havent heard of these yet, but I’m no LiteOn expert.

They are listed on Goldenhawk’s (CDRWin 3.x) website under supported drives

The 6 at the end, does that indicate a new chipset?


Hmmm looks like a 40x writer on the 6 series chipset??? Probably be phased in to replace the LTR40125S/W series 40x writer just like the LTR32123S was phased out with the LTR32125W

So would these be overclockable to 48x24x48??? I hope so!


If its a 6 series chipset… it might be able to overclock further than 48x. Our 5 series chipsets wont make it past 48x.

Cool, they will probably be the first drives over 50x?

its may higher in RW speed to 16x or 24x