[New Model] PLEXTOR PX-750A, PX-760A (10X +R Dual Layer)

Plextor Japan has a flash intro in the new 760 DVD Drive.


Didn’t have the time to read it in depth but 18x ±R and +R DL 10x, 6x -R DL seem to be mentioned. Also an enhanced Autostrategy. Mount Rainier seems back (also for DVD)! There is a “ERASER” to delete disks, etc. etc. :eek:

TOday Plextor announce 4 model : :smiley:

PX-760A/JP:DVD±R 18X DVD+R DL 10X Internal
PX-760SA/JP DVD±R 18XDVD+R DL 10X Internal Serial ATA
PX-750A/JP DVD±R 16X DVD±R 8X DVD-RAM 5X Internal
PX-750UF/JP DVD±R 16X DVD±R DL 8X DVD-RAM 5X External


18X DVD+R/-R Burn Speed !!

10X DVD+R DL :smiley:

PX-750A *design looks like TEAC DV-W516E :flower:

You mean the PX-750A design looks like BenQ DQ60 :wink:

PX-760A is the world’s fastest DVD burner! :clap:

Added to the front-page: http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12558

wow…thanks for the news… pretty impressive specs…guess we’ll just have to wait and see how they perform “quality wise”…

No Lightscribe or Labelflash :frowning:

and no dvd-ram

PX-750A/JP DVD±R 16X DVD±R 8X DVD-RAM 5X Internal has a DVD-RAM support

PX760A will be mine after TLA #03XX Revision and FW 1.05! (= 6 Months of his market release!); 18x for DVD ±R and 10x for DL? :confused:

I’m not surprised we get 18x - look at LG’s PCAV 16x … extend that to CAV and you get near 18x!

Is the 760A another rebadged BENQ drive? :confused:

The PX-760A looks like a Plextor original design.

The PX-750A looks like a BenQ DQ60 rebadge.

I agree the 750a is probably a labelled third party drive. (Probably Benq, but could also be a Panasonic).

However, what really makes me go :eek: is that the 760a seems to be a ‘true’ Plextor drive. I wouldn’t have expected of Plextor to bring another ‘own’ drive. The earning margins in this market have become so small that anything small volume just is not profitabel anymore. OTOH the 716 (a, sa, al) seems to have sold in excess of 1 million pieces (cumulated serials i’ve seen). Given that Plextor is a very small player in the ODD market (and also the double price tag in comparison to the competition), that seems impressively successful (AFAIK Liteon sells more than 10 times more than that).

The website says something of an ‘evolution’, so it might be a 716a on steroids. There is mention of a new optical pickup and also ‘advanced’ inelligent tilt. So it’s definitely new hardware. Can’t wait for someone to open one of these up and have a look what chipset is beeing used.

18x?? rofl!! :bigsmile:
Perhaps that burner will finally be able to reach 16x somewhere near the end and then drop back to 12x. :bigsmile:
My PX-716A usually only reaches 14x and falls back to 12x at the end of the disc because of PoweRec, both with Verbatim and Ricoh DVD+R (Ricoh even falls back to 8x). I’ve had very very few “real” 16x burns, and the results weren’t too good. :a

Or maybe Plextor has finally learned something and releases the drive when it’s ready…

18X??? awesome. i’m so getting this


The impact of 18x will be minimal. Only Taiyo Yuden are supportet at that speed, both + and -.

Edit: Hmm. Earlier when I put that text through Babelfish I could have sworn it translated to Mitsubishi Chem. Now it says Yuden. Maybe the page was updated in the meantime.

18x - only for TY, not MCC.

hope the raindrops are not smaller than the thunder


I thought there would be problems with stress on discs if DVD’s were burnt any faster than 16x. I thought the polycarbonate couldn’t handle the RPM’s at any faster than 16x and might crack or splinter?

Also won’t this speed bump only save about 20 secs on a burn time? Isn’t this just a marketing stunt rather than something useful?

Indeed, it’s just a marketing stunt!

If you see Yangxi’s post, the Write Curve starts at around 7.5x to 18x without any speed drop. LG 4163 starts at 7.3x. Also note that the test was done with Plextools Pro 2.27. :wink: