New model 1673 liteon



I have just ordered the 1673, would you suggest flash to 1693 just as soon as I get it… where do I get the flash…


Go to my site (view in at least 1024x768) and grab Lite-On SOHW-1693S-Patched. It is already crossflashed and speed set to 16x.

You can also get it from here Codeguys . Download the KS04 patched. It will need to be run through Omnipatcher if you want to increase read speed higher than 8x. Note that some 1673S@1693S users report problems when using read speed=16x


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thanks for the info… I will go to you site and download the patch for the 1693…I am a computer beginner…can you give me the steps after I download…do I need to have the 1673 in the burner as I download and how do I do the omni patch…would you suggest I go ahead and try the 1673 out of the box first and then decide… any danger of messing up my 1673?


Wait before you try anything serious. Read the sticky threads first of all. Omnipatchers are by no means meant for beginners. FAQ threads are also there for all eyes.


oK, Thanks, guess I will just try it and see how it works… should arrive today…


Is it worth it to reflash from 1673 to 1693 though? Im currently on js07


@ jess russell
I have a couple of SIMPLE readme files on my site, FULLY & EASILY :iagree: explaining how to go about updating. Also SIMPLE :iagree: instructions on how to revert back to original firmware. READ these before you do ANYTHING to your drive.


…there are also instructions at


Hey Jess let me know how it goes – I just want make my new 1673 work at all! I keep getting “cannot write to close errors”?? Anybody seen this error before. How sensitive is this thing to media ???