New mobo, no ide left for dvd-rw?

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i got a new motherboard (DG965WH), there is only 1 ide socket on the motherboard, so this give me a chance of only connecting 2 ide devices ( which in my case are hdd1 + hdd2 )… now i need one more ide cable to connect my dvd-rw but i can’t put any other ide cables as the mobo only have 1 ide socket…
i heared about some IDE to SATA converter, will it work in this case ? are there any other solutions ?

Intel announced that they would drop IDE about a year ago. You best solution would be to add the drives in an external case.

Try this one:

Be aware that MOST external cases do not work well with RW drives so stick with a version that has been tested for DVD writing.

You can also add SATA hard drives. The 400 gig models are only a little over $100.

cool thanks for the reply, but what about this IDE to SATA converter, would it work for my hdd or dvdrw?

Just buy a PCI IDE controller card, then you’ll gain two additional IDE ports (4 devices total). Here’s one for $15 that should work just fine -

Just a warning, most of those IDE controller cards will not work with a DVD burner so you will need to boot from the card as it will have your hard drives. If this works with your BIOS you should be fine. I use a Promise card in one machine so all 4 IDE ports are available for optical drives.

That controller above is one of the better ones as I recall.