New Mobo+cpu Old Hdd

Hello, I plan to install a new mobo+cpu but keep old hdd - Im not bothered about keeping anything from the hdd, what do i need to do to have a problem free boot up?

Im going from jetway k266b + amd 1.7xp to Asrock K7V88 + amd 3200xp

would like to keep xp on i suppose , but not too opposed to re-installing windows if i have to.

When swapping motherboards, I would highly recommend wiping the system and doing a fresh install. This is especially true if the motherboards use different chipsets (VIA/AMD/Nvidia).

Also, did you get new RAM to go with the mobo/cpu? The XP3200+ supports DDR400 (PC3200) RAM. Would be kind of a waste to use DDR266 (PC2100) RAM.

Good Luck!