New Minus service is drag and drop file sharing done right

New Minus service is drag and drop file sharing done right.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The Internet is currently full of drag-and-drop file sharing sites and Minus is definitely another one of those sites. The difference between Minus and everyone else is exactly how well supported the service is.

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I don’t really like this. It might allow a simple drag’n’drop but more importantly to me is how to interact with your files once they’re uploaded… when I upload an image on the iphone app, there are multiple problems:

  1. it takes forever
  2. there’s no progress bar
  3. it changes the image from a .jpg to an uncompressed .png increasing the file size at least 3 fold.
  4. it changes the name from IMG_ to a long unrecognizable string, but when you log into the website it is named “hi.png” ??
  5. you cannot view the image on the app, nor know what image it is because they’ve renamed it.
  6. when you’re viewing the images on the website there is a big options box covering over the upper right corner of the image that cannot be minimized and the only way to see the full image is the drag your browser window wide enough to fit both your photo and the options box.
  7. the list goes on but they are lesser evils…