New microsoft window in 2006!



“Avalon” and “Indigo” Beta1 RC (ISO)

FallenMonk writes "Indigo and Avalon are the codenames for two strategic developer technologies that Microsoft plans to ship in 2006 as part of the Windows “Longhorn” operating system. In addition, Microsoft is making these technologies available on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The Indigo and Avalon Beta1 “RC” enables developers to continue experimenting with early builds of these technologies, get acquainted with the development experience, and provide Microsoft with feedback

I got this off of some site which i for got, but did anyone heard of this.


Longhorn is now officially Windows Vista.
Windows Vista is the new Windows Operating System to be released in 2006.


Within time the new window is going to be cracked. All I wanta know is that what is the big difference?


I think a more appropriate name would be Window Pain. There realy is not that much of a difference as they have removed a number of new things they were going to include so they can make the 2006 release date.


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