New microchip would make satellite receivers dishless, portable



New microchip would make satellite receivers dishless, portable.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The satellite dishes that have long dotted the landscape among rural and suburban houses could soon be a thing of the past with the same technology that would allow satellite television programming to be available on handheld devices.

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Kudos to them if this comes to market.
It will make we apartment dwellers very happy and the
Cable Companies somewhat poorer.


We already have flat and kinda small dishes since years.

Maybe that “tech” will come to the masses some day, but BUD will live on with a purpose!!


I Agree about apartment dwellers. My apartment doesn’t allow them (nor do alot of condos). Which basically leaves the cable company or iptv. I’d love to get access to satellite.

I suppose the other problem is my apt. faces north which is pretty much the opposite direction your suppose to point the dish.

Then again how well is the chip going to pick up signals going through a concret apartment structure?


HI to all …just think of the future…$2…a minute …on your sat —mobile …your walking into there trap…the phone companies are laughing already opening up more SWISS bank accounts .SAT . PHONES ARE ALREADY …$2…A MINUTE they cost $700 now to buy and you cant get through most of the time…MUZZA.


Satellites signals are LINE OF SIGHT transmitters… if you block the signal with almost anything, your going to see degrading of hte signal all way to to full blokage. A novel concept of creating a 360 degree satellite dish for RV’s was that there are antenna elemens in virdually every direction on a platform which can make fluid adjustments to maintain the signal.

The article is deceptive… although we’ve seen satellite radio work on a limited bandwidth stream without pointing it in a speciific direction that’s a far cry from being able to beam down hundreds 1080p signals under the same conditions. ** Standard definition tv signals have been proven to work under a similar technology to saellite radio.