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I am new here. I built my computer, as I have done for all of the computers I have owned. I have an HP DVD630C burner. I am currently running an AMD Athlon XP 2000+ cpu, with 1.5GB DDR RAM.

I use ConvertXtoDVD 3 to convert AVI movies to DVD format. It will not successfully burn a DVD. I use Record Now! to burn cds. I have successfully burned 1 movie with it. Actually, I have successfully converted and burned 1 movie. Now when I try yo convert a movie, it doesn’t have any audio files in the audio folder of the movie. There are the video files in their respective folder. I have tried several times, with different movies, and I get the same result. I tried burning one to see what would happen, and it was no go.

Can someone help me? Thanks.

No worrys. The AUDIO_TS folder is almost always empty (unless you are making a very high fidelity audio disc, which would not normally be a movie). DVD Audio discs require special players that look for the audio files in the AUDIO_TS folder.

You should not expect any files in the AUDIO_TS folder (even on a store bought movie).


OK, but why does it not work anymore? I entered a registration code, and now it is a registered version.

Welcome to the forums…good to see another Texan here.

When you convert to dvd-video format, you normally get a Video_TS folder (containing .vob, .ifo, and .bup files) and an empty Audio_TS folder. The Audio_TS folder is a legacy, not used, so there is nothing out of the ordinary going on with your conversions. DVD-Video has the video and audio streams combined in the .vob files.

I personally use a free program called ImgBurn to burn videos to disks. If you’d like to try it, you should read some guides at their forums on how to burn dvd-video with it.

I looked up your burner through Google and it seems to date from late 2004 to early 2005. You might want to look for a firmware update for it, since many new types of media have come out since then that it may not recognize. The burner has to recognize the blank disks to know the exact burning strategy to apply, otherwise it will use a generic strategy that may not work well, if at all.

Another option is to use good media that has been around a long time. Verbatim 8x or 16x or Taiyo Yuden 8x +R disks would be my recommendation.

It seems the HP DVD630C was a rebadge of the BenQ 1620 drive (going on flimsy Google evidence). The 1620 drives were excellent while they ran. They were also notoriously fragile and many broke down quickly.

Another thing to check, while I have your attention :). Follow this guide to check DMA status for your burner: The important part to look for is Current Transfer Status. It should be Ultra DMA 2 for this drive.

moviemanintexas, I don’t see in your post where you say that something is no longer working. What I saw and replied to is why there are no files in the AUDIO_TS folder.

Please give more details.


I use Memorex DVD +R media, always have with no problems. I uninstalled the program and am installing AVS Video Converter 6 right now.

I tried to burn a movie, several times. It gives an error when I try to burn it, with either one of my programs (Convert or Record Now). I did successfully burn it once, but when I put it in my DVD player, it gave me an error.

Memorex dvds can be virtually anything. They switch suppliers quite often and what works for you one time may not work at all the next, because the disks are [B]not [/B]the same.

If you insist on trying to use them, you should slow your burn speed down to half their rated speed. If you have 16x, burn them at 8x.

Since you have only been able to burn 1 DVD in the past, what makes you think the brand of disc you have is not a problem?

It will help the folks here know how to help if you list the software, version and error message for each time you have a problem.


Ok, I do not think I have a problem with the DVDs because I have used them successfully to do system backups (MP3s, JPGs, etc). My wife told me last night (after I got off here) that she did make a few movies also, but they would switch from color to black and white. She figured that part out, and made two more. So I believe my burner, and the media, are ok. I downloaded DVD Flick last night and installed it, not AVS Video Converter 6. I am about to try it out.

[QUOTE=moviemanintexas;2205622]My wife told me last night (after I got off here) that she did make a few movies also,[B] but they would switch from color to black and white.[/B] She figured that part out, and made two more.[/QUOTE]What did she say was the cause of that?

What speed are you burning these at? What MID (Media ID) are these discs?

I burned at 2X. DVD flick works right. I like it better then ConvertXtoDVD 3. How do you know what the MID is? There is a number on the back of the DVD+R, VR5F16-00610. Is that it? She said it was a setting in the program that you can change. I am doing another movie right now, with DVD Flick. She burned it as an AVI to a CD, and I am converting it on mine, off the CD.

You can check the mid code with DVDIdentifier or Nero CD/DVD Speed…either are free to download and use. (look at the Disc Info tab in Nero CD/DVD Speed). You cannot change the mid code of the disks.

If you are using 16x media, you are burning at much too slow a speed for most any blank dvds. Read this thread: