New member with duplicator questions

Lots of interesting reading material here.

I’m an amateur photographer and videographer. I’ve been keeping all my photos and videos on external hard drives with the intention of backing it all up to bluray. I’ve burned quite a few, but I keep finding myself out of hard drive space and taking the easy way out (buying another 3TB hard drive).
So I’ve got about 15TB of data that needs to be backed up to blu-ray discs. It’s such a tedious process, I decided I need some help from an autoloader.

I’ll look for an appropriate area in the forum to ask my questions in detail. This is just my introduction. Thanks to everyone, especially those more knowledgeable than myself about these things.


no knowledge here but sure someone will have some I lost all my knowledge when I got married. My wife has it all now.

Sorry to hear that. At least you’re keeping it in the family.
Maybe she’ll let you borrow from time to time.:disagree:


Could someone please edit my autoloader post?
My images links aren’t working
I know what happened, but didn’t realize until it was too late
I uploaded 3 images and linked to them within the post
But I removed the uploads before I submitted it


^I looked at your autoloader thread, but the images are no longer accessible, so I have no way to bring them back into the post.

Thanks for looking into it. I will PM you the new links.