New member spending some time 'Lurking and Learning'

Just a quick hello and thanks to those who have put forth some nice guides and FAQ’s regarding burning/conversion of media.

Google brought me here when looking for info on how to compile and backup my DVD collection and by burning multiple DVD’s to BD25 media.


Hi Kanux, welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay! Did you find where you were looking for?

[QUOTE=DoMiN8ToR;2718697]Hi Kanux, welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay! Did you find where you were looking for?[/QUOTE]

Still just getting my feet wet DoMiN8ToR, thanks for asking.

I’ve just been poking around and getting familiar and doing some reading for the most part, trying to see what is current/updated as far as tutorials go, specifically for burning multiple DVD images to BD25 media. I’ve FUBAR’d 2 discs using DVD-Cloner Blu-ray Pro, which to my way of thinking is at least 1 too many :wink: and just starting to search and see if it’s the software/hardware i’m using or the ever popular newbie ‘user error’ the dreaded ‘ID-10-T error’.

everything up until the disc ejected had me thinking all was going well. but the 11Gb xfered to the disc was not the 24GB i was expecting to copy from 3 of the DL dvd’s archived on the drive.

(of course I know this isn’t the forum for support), just rambling since ya asked hehe.

Start a thread in the Video Editing forum, Kanux and let us know exactly what you want on this BD disc. Are you looking for a Blu-ray format and menu to select each movie?

We’ll do what we can to help.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2718739]Start a thread in the Video Editing forum, <snip>
We’ll do what we can to help.[/QUOTE]

Thanks Kerry56, I have seen how helpful those both new and long time users have been here and kudos to all who do. I will read some and see what i can sort out a bit first.
(currently reading your guide here

‘back in the day’ I always hated those who came into a newsgroup (later forums), looking to be spoonfed. :disagree:

I’m an old fart and the ‘old school’ in me kinda makes me do what i can for myself before posting, and then understanding that a helpful reply can be as detailed as a step-by-step or as simple as a link to follow or a simple word (meaning make google your friend and search that word :iagree: )

you can count on the post pretty much happening, but at least i will make sense a bit, and understand what i’m being told somewhat by then if nothing else.


Welcome to the forums Kanux. :flower:

No need to lurk either as we’re a friendly bunch here and are always keen to help.