New Member needs help with Drives

Hi, Im sorry if this has been covered before. I searched a good while on the forums before I broke down and registered to ask this.

I just built a new comp, here is the specs.

ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe MoBo
Intel P4 3.0E Ghz CPU
Sony DRU-710A DVD+/-RW
Artec CDRW/DVD Combo Drive
Windows XP Pro

Now, here is my problem. I can only READ Disks with the Combo Drive. And I can read/burn both cds and dvds with the Sony unit. Ive tried everything I know to do. Switched the controllers they are on, uninstalled the drivers, reinstalled the drivers. Change the Master/Slave configuration.

I think it has something to do with Windows. When I right click properties on one of the drives, i can enable recording on one, the other automatically unchecks.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this?


Don’t use Windows to burn discs. Get some real burning software like Nero Burning ROM or Easy CD Creator.

I do have Nero. But when I try to burn something using the combo drive it says insert a blank disc. Same thing it does with the built in windows software. At first it kept saying incorrect function. Now it doesnt say that, it just says insert a blank disc.

When I have two or more burners Win XP will only let one burn CDs at a time. If I go to the properties tab and select recording I have to check the box to activate burning. This will uncheck the CD burning box on the other one. Strange, but I got used to it and only burn CDs on one drive. This does not seem to be a problem with DVDs.

So thats just the way it is? Thats crap. Had I known that I wouldnt have bought two Burners. I just installed Easy CD Creator and it does the same thing. :a

It’s not really a big deal since you can switch back and forth between burners and you will probably do most of your CDs with one drive. I have 4 burners hooked up and I never even notice it.


Since your 710 will burn CD’s at 48x - why don’t you get an DVD-rom like Aopen 1648/aap or Sony 1621 or LiteOn 166 and use the other burner in another machine or sell it on eBay?

Cost for the DVD-rom=$25-$30


Yeah, I guess so. Makes Since. I cant get it to work at all. Ive read other reports about how they can use one or the other but not both. I cant get the artec to burn at all. So it might as well just be a dvdrom