New Member & N00b Question Sony d26a to 1673S



Hey Ya’ll,

My old school sony dru 500 died last week after 1000’s of well burned DVD’s. I bought a sony d26a without knowing that it was a rebadge. It is performing poorly (failing burns) with my current batch of generic supermedia disks and was hoping that a firmware upgrade may do the trick.

I did a search on the forum, and it seems I need the instructions to convert my d26a to the SOHW-1673S JS07… unless this is a bad idea!

Any help would be apreciated and I apoligize in advance, I am sure ya’ll get this question all the time.


  • Gazukull


Go to my firmware page and get :

  1. How to use Lite-On Flash (IMPORTANT)
  2. Lite-On Flash+…
  3. 1673S.JS07.16x.CROSSFLASHED.rar OR 1693S.KS04.16x.CROSSFLASHED.rar.

They both have been patched, READ SPEED=16x, Crossflashed, and recommended tweaks have been applied. Just extract and make sure to select the correct drive when flashing.

The 1673S can be crossflashed to a 1693S, so the choice is yours. The only difference is the 1693S CAN burn DVD-R DL.


Thanks for the prompt response and super helpful util’s and *.bin. My drive is now a Lite on.

I am still gettin the following problem tho:

Any ideas? I am thinking of just returning the drive ;(

Thanks again!

  • Gazukull


It is saying that your media(disc) is the problem and not the burner. Try another brand of disc.


I will give that a try tommarow! It’s a shame, these disks used to rock on my old drive! :smiley: Again, thanks for your assitance, it is apreciated!

  • Gazukull


I know the feeling. I have PLENTY of TTG02s that my 812@832S loves :smiley: , but my 1673@1693S hates :frowning: .


Actually, what media do you use on your 1673 with the most success? I was going to go get me some of the Taiyo Yuden -R stuff, after doing a search on here, it seems to be the best recieved. I don’t think they are going to have any locally, so I am going to have to online order it.

  • Gazukull


Definitely. Lite-Ons LOVE TY media :iagree: . I also struggle to find them locally :a .


I tried some Verbatim’s that I snagged from work and blamo! Good burns :wink: Again thanks and I seems to be worked out now :wink:


Verbatims (mcc003/004,mcc 02rg20/03rg20) all are high quality discs :iagree: . So if you are happy with the burn quality, sweet!! :cool: