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Sorry I may have some dorky questions at first (please excuse me) ive attempted to use the search feature to find info regarding “backing up” Microsoft games such as Motocross Madness 2 or Tony Hawk pro skater, im unfamiliar with the type of protection used on these disks and my question would be is it possible to copy these games?
Ive tried using CloneCD and it seems to never copy the file to the hdd, ive also tried to use Blind read/write to no avail it just counts up bad sectors—can someone give me a crash course in the possibilitys of being successful…
GREAT forum, looks like alot of info is readily shared by knowledgable people, im glad you guys are here!!!
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From what i have learnt clone cd is one of the few copiers that will copy microsoft games. If i have this right, most copy protection schemes work by writing “junk” sectors to a disk, sectors that cant be read by copying programs. Clone on the other hand doesnt seem to try and correct these errors, it just takes them as they are. Some games can have thousands of errors in the first thee % of the disk. In theory it is possible, on slower readers, that the read process can take as much as a day to complete. The new protection called safe disk 2 is even harder to copy, only certain burners have been capable of reproducing the protected disks. I know that there are several programs out there that can detect which protection scheme is being used and suggest what options to use with clone cd. Try Dividezero’s site, he seem to have almost all you could need for copying just about anything!!
Its Here :

Look in the software and utilities pages.

Hey thanks alot DOGZ!!!
Turns out I just wasnt patient enough to let it count up the sectors, PLUS I learned to write the image file from the cdr, all is well THANKS again!!!

Check out the NEWBIE faq on CloneCD at

And for some more ‘very handy’ articles which should answer most of your basic questions.