New member and a couple of Q's to kick off

Hi all, new member as you can tell… I’ve been looking for a decent site/forum regarding cd recording, seems this place does the trick. Anyway, a couple of Q’s (sorry didn’t know where to properly post them, will get the hang of it)

  1. I’ve been using a yamaha 3200e for almost a year now and behaves almost perfectly… Almost… when I attempt to burn an audio disc with cd-text and audio master quality (you know, the trick that increases linear velocity, effectively making pits and lands longer thus reducing jitter etc.) in Nero, the process halts at 4% and I end up with a nice shiny coaster. This happens all times, never made a disc with both cd-text and amq. Recently flashed the latest firmware, have to do testing again but odds are thin. Not that amq matters much if you’re already burning at 4x, which amq burns also at, but as a user I’m like a bug magnet… If there is a bug, I’ll find it… :confused:

  2. Recorder woe’s continued… I’ve been looking info regarding the optimum write speed control of the drive which seems rather “dumb” at times… I doubt it even bothers carrying out optical tests or it’s either painfully “picky” on media. Most silver (unbranded) media get recognised as generic 16x even with the latest firmware, despite being 32x or 40x. Anyone have a clue if the drive does optical calibration or just reads the atip and burns away at whatever speed matches in the database…? Disabling owsc does the trick and I get error free discs, not 100% on this since I don’t have a C2 capable reader but CD speed quality tests turn out perfect.

  3. A pretty generic question… Need info on short/long strategy and dye types. A piece of article would be nice… always looking for the best media around and read somewhere lately that high speed media, as being optimised for high speeds (duh…), don’t perform well at lower speeds.

That’s got to be all for now… thank you for your time!

Hi, disconnected and welcome to the forums.

  1. I would try a different burning software that writes CD Text, just to insure that this is not an incompatibility between Nero’s CD text mode and Yamaha’s Audio Master Quality.

  2. Have you seen the review of your drive by G@M3FR3@K on this site at Yamaha CRW3200E? In his tests of OWSC he had results similar to yours in which a disc limited to 16x by OWSC would burn error free at 24x when it was disabled. To my knowledge Yamaha has released no details of how their power calibration works with OWSC. If OWSC is not used, then there are no database tables to match. In that case, power calibration has to be performed before writing can begin.

  3. You can find a good article on media at Are green CD-R discs better than gold or blue ones?. :wink:

Thanx a lot Inertia. Seems with the latest firmware cd-text with amq is possible.