New Member - 832s with verify problem

Hi ya’ll. I’ve been searching through the threads on this list and there are obviously some very expert users out there. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I have a LiteOn 832s drive. I have never been able to create DVD Data Discs using Nero without getting a Verify Error. I have tried many different types of discs, +R. -R, +RW. Currently I am testing using +RW’s cause I was wasting so many discs. Nero reports that the burn process completed but when it goes through and verifies it always gives this error “Sector 540359 on disc has different content to source”

I’ve tried the most current firmware from LiteOn and just tried the CG3E patch and neither seemed to help.

Running Win2000, Nero 6.6.03

Hopefully someone can help. TIA again,


This is not likely related to your burner or media, but to the inherent shortcomings of Nero Verify. Suggest you forget about using it and either use CDSpeed or Kprobe to check your burned discs.

Nero Verify will puke for a variety of reasons, very few of which relate to the quality or integrity of your burned data.

If you insist on tracking down the cause of the error, look at IDE controller drivers or 3rd-party programs that might be running during the test. Anything that talks to the drive while verify is going on will cause it.

Thanks rdgrimes. I’ve got Kprobe and will try that suggestion. I’ve got some very important files to backup and I need some level of confidence that they are not corrupt, so far I’m not.


Kprobe will give you and indication of burn quality. The best check for “readability” is CDSpeed transfer rate test on a 12x or 16x reader, and/or the Scandisc test. And, of course, you can always just try copying the data from DVD back to HD.

The best test for data integrity after a successful burn is simply to copy the whole DVD to HD XD

Im not that nice about tools who can say all day long all is ok and when you get your disc and try to read it it doesnt work. XD

Thanks everyone. The Scan Disc shows no errors and it looks like I can read all the files after I transfered them back to the HD. I think I’ll run scan disk for a while till I feel more confident that my discs are sound. Seems like the verify function is there for DVD drive compatability and not for data transfer integrity.

Use Par2 files to create verification/recovery files.
Then, when you finish recording, you can verify that everything was recorded as it should.