New Medium Enterprises releases low cost HD VMD format

I just posted the article New Medium Enterprises releases low cost HD VMD format.

New Medium Enterprises, Inc. has released yet another potential competitor to the High Definition player market with the announcement of its HD VMD based players, PC based burners and authoring &…

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“a low cost optical disc player capable of recording HD broadcasts” Um, and on what planet will hardware makers ever offer a recorder capable of recording broadcasts in HD? Maybe 16:9 via composite or S-Video connects at 480, but that’s as close as we will ever come for recording unless some new DRM scheme gets cooked up.

If the include an OTA tuner these could sell like crazy on THIS planet. Also, for those like me who transfer recordings from a HDPVR to their computer HDD.

Know where I can buy a “HD VMD burner” and discs?