New mediaplayer? Sorry WinXP only

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In an attempt to increase the use of both WinXP and mediaplayer, microsoft is requiring consumers who want the latest media player to upgrade to the new Windows XP.

Windows Media Player 8…

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Micro$oft Sux

I agree, at the endo of the day bundling makes life easy. But in this case they should have mediaplayer 8 as a web download for other operating systems. It would increase market acceptance for them at the end of the day. :frowning:

Bundling MP or IE with the OS is useful only when a new OS first comes out. Within a short time, bundled apps become obsolete as new versions, bug fixes, and security patches are released. You end up having to get these anyways. I really think that IE’s online install is lame. The idea is good but components of IE are out of date (which online installs were supposed to prevent). For example, the Java VM in IE 5.5 is build 3316 (VERNUM= value in java.inf - located in VMX86_01.CAB if you downloaded the install files or in WindowsInf). The latest is 3802 but IE hasn’t included this or any of the previous versions (except in a security patch or two). :frowning: It’s available at: MP7 doesn’t include any security patches in it’s main install files either. I use MusicMatch Jukebox. :7

microsoft sucks and their mediaplayer sucks even more… specially version 7 and up… Im still using mediaplayer 6 under 2k and I wont upgrade to XP for a verry long time because Ive seen and tried winxp beta 2 and It really sucks big time.. Its like windows for kids…

Great! Now I don’t have to download it again :4 Once again, if you hate Microsoft so much…don’t use their products! :frowning: Microsoft rules…the world! :wink:

let’s all chant and say goodbye…M*$