New media site



hi, guys
i just wanted to let u all know what i’ve just discovered, its a new media site
probably the same like all the others, but they give u better options with delivery methods and customer service is good :clap:


Yeah, and they even have the famous Snot Green brand. :clap:


man thats the biggest collection of media crap ive seen on any website. And their prices aint cheap either lol


Except for Verbatim I wouldn’t dare using most of the other media for important data…
The choice isn’t really good. :frowning:
I will stick to the shops from Luxembourg.

Yes, I also had to smile while seeing the Snot Green discs…


has anybody heard of disk depot ?


Can’t say I have, but according to their web site they are in Dundee …

“Disk Depot
5 Barlow Park
Pitkerro Industrial Estate
DD5 3UB”


That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day, fair play to them :bigsmile:

I have to agree though, although I spotted some Verbies, their media selection isn’t too great. I’ll stick to SVP :iagree:


yip, not far from me


Oooo Dshirt, Datawrite, Bulkpaq galore. Let us all rejoice in the warm Enet glow. I hope the OP didnt just register to advertise that site.


[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]I hope the OP didnt just register to advertise that site.[/QUOTE]Time wil tell… :wink:


Downgrade 16X DVD-R media sounds pretty funny too. What will be the next, DataDestroy Gold ? :eek: Somehow i also have the bad feeling that ewa_weronika is closely related to that site.

But i bet noone of you has Snot Green branded media in his collection, it would be fun to order some as souvenirs :slight_smile:


Or her collection :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, There is a well known forum by the name of disqworld that recieves more than a few royalties from E-net. I wonder if they are connected as the forum and the site are both spouting the same BS.


Oh no, that’s quite a wild guess :wink:

I actually sometimes check the disqworld forum for svp offers and when i saw this shop i took for granted disqworld made this shop from their connections?
Oh well - as long as they put something like this in the logo and the prices reflect the quality better …

“Perfect for short term storage and back up of non-crucial data, [I]our[/I] DVDR are value for money products that will appeal to customers who want to pay a minimum…”