New media RITEK-F16-01

I have LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1693S and patch it with 1693S.KS0B and omnipatcher. Unfurtunatly this NEW MEDIA RITEK-F16-01 is now show on the medias available in the omnipatcher.

This media allow burn X16 but I only can burn it at 6x and 8x.

Is there any way I can update my burner or add this media to the patch?



Anyone with any idea on this ?!

You can always change to a strategy that allows 16x. I believe you should try RICOHJPN R03, PRODISC R05, or any of the other RITEK 16x DVD+R MIDs. I’d start with the Prodisc MID, then the RICOH, and finally try the other Ritek MIDs present. If none of these work well, you can always try other 16x MIDs. OmniPatcher will allow you to do this. :flower:

[Not many people around here have much experience with Ritek F16, so you may have to do trial and error to get good burns.]

If you get them to burn well, mind telling us to what you changed the strategy? It may help others out later. :slight_smile:

is there any patcher for BenQ drives to allow 16x burning on these RITEK F16 dvds?
im getting a speed of 2.3x.

i have latest firmware for my drive too.

Media Code Speed Edit [MCSE].

any specific recommended write strategies for Ritek F16 media ?

None that I know of; this media isn’t one of the more widely known Riteks. You can only try trial-and-eror with the MIDs I listed above, and try more to see what gives you the best results.

well i tried some random one that already had 16x and i can now get up to 12x tops. so thats atleast something.
but i now got another spindle of dvds that have a different MID and they also go up to only like 8x and theyre 16x dvds as well.

im starting to think its something with software or the drive itself now maybe starting to go or something. weird part though is the second spindle i got today is memorex and ive been able to burn memorex at 16x before.

What MID are the new Memorex discs? Memorex uses different MIDs for the discs they distribute.

Manufacturer Name : [Moser Baer India Ltd.]
Manufacturer ID : [MBIPG101]
Media Type ID : [R05]
Product Revision : [001]
Recording Speeds : [1x-2.4x , 4x , 6x-8x , 6x-16x]

What model BenQ do you have?

Since those appear to have a 16x strategy [if you used the same drive you tried to burn them on], maybe you have a poorer batch of media. Some drives will choose a slower speed based on how poor the media quality is.

BenQ DW1620
its the OEM model but i found using the Retail version firmware actually improved speeds.

Those BenQ drives often drop to lower speeds if they detect that the media is of lower quality. It’s a built-in feature for all media, and can’t be disabled, as far as I know. And since the drive has the strategy to write at 16x, changing strategies probably won’t help for the problem.

Probably the only way to get 16x speeds is to get media that the drive won’t have to lower the speed on, or get a newer drive that is more able to write at maximum speed on poor media. Personally, I would just go for the better media.

how do i know which DVDs will be better quality ones though without going and buying every brand to find out which has the better MIDs ?

[QUOTE=john0877;1923737]how do i know which DVDs will be better quality ones though without going and buying every brand to find out which has the better MIDs ?[/QUOTE]


If you buy Verbatim - Made In Taiwan - and stick with the +R 16x (MCC004) or the -R 16x (MCC03RG20) you will get consistently good burns-

Remember - a burners firmware determines the speed of the burn-eh!!

(these are found - on sale - frequently - at Best Buy and Office Depot)


And if you buy Verbatim, you will always get the maximum rated speed* or more**. I haven’t had a problem with them yet. And, as BigMike said, they can often be found on sale; just look around a little bit.

*: Some LG drives only allow 4x on some batches of Verbatim media, while other batches that are almost the same will have the max speed available offered. All other drives offer the rated speed or higher.

**: Some drives manage to overspeed the 8x media to 12x or 16x, and some of the 18x/20x drives overspeed the 16x media to 18x or 20x.

hmm i was gonna get a spindle of Verbatim off newegg too but decided for the memorex cause i didnt want to pay shipping. plus the memorex were $5 cheaper in addition to the $5 shipping cost.