New media - FNX102 - FORNEX -R 4X;action=display;threadid=79

Scary, scary stuff. I live in hope that Liteon will add this to the next f/w as at the moment, its a generic write strategy. :a

Yeah, I had them too, sold as EMGETON DVD-R.

And generic write strg. (1X in older fw, 2X in newer) really sucks, as it is not albe to burn at good quality. AVG: 1500PI / 68PO (full disc, 8ECC / 4X CLV). … 411@811 with YOUR v4 mod. and HS0P fw.

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Can you reveal the username & password to be able to access the link ? :stuck_out_tongue:

You just have to login, it’s a forum ^^

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You just have to login, it’s a forum ^^
Yes, I realize that.
But you didn’t seem to get my point > does 1 have to do that in order to just see the scan ?

Sorry :sad:

I guess you have to… a was stuck with a login/pass windows until I subscribed.

I have added this media to OC-freaks new thread concerning media the refuses to write @ rated speed.

I bought 4 pcs of this brand to give it test.

First burnt on 411S@811S HS0K at 4x but the result was horrible.
Second one I decided to try with HS0P but it offered only 2x speed. I took it out and put 3rd disc in and got offer to burn 4x. Switched discs again and put second one back. I got 2x only again like at the first time…
I left second disc in there and burnt it at 2x.
See the impressive DVD-Speed test.