New .mds files added on DAEMON Tools website

I just posted the article New .mds files added on DAEMON Tools website.

Our friends of DEAMON Tools have released new Media Descriptor (.mds) files for the latest games. You can use these files together with DEAMON Tools or Alcohol 120% to be able to play backups of…

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Isn’t it ironic that you guys put this article alongside the article about the “Dawn raids target software pirates”? Yeah right…the cops are going to believe that people are actually using “backup” game cdroms. They’re not as dumb as you may think…Alcohol 120% allows people to make 1:1 copies of (other people’s) cdroms. Isn’t this the same concept that DSS had a couple of years ago, landing its creator in prison?

No, because we are legally allowed to make “backups” of software we purchase. Actually, if anyone is breaking the law, its the software companys who are putting in protection and not allowing us to make “backups” of the software we purchase.

Back in the age of floppies and what not, software copies told you to backup the disks and keep the originals in a safe place. Now it’s more of a “if your disc is lost or destroyed then you’re fucked” attitude about things. I say, next time one of my discs disappears or starts skipping, I’m going to make the company send me another copy. If they don’t comply then we’ll start a class action lawsuit.