New markers for DVD and CD-R by Alera

I just posted the article New markers for DVD and CD-R by Alera.

I’m of those that has a big mess of CD-R’s. No label on them, no cover, not even a simple text that describes their content. The advantage of this that I don’t have to do a thing when I finish a…

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No thanks, I’ll keep my sharpie. If it’s a keeper, I sharpie it, and throw it in a jewel case with printed covers. Else, sharpie and case logic book.

I got a TDK cd pen with my 24x10x40x burner… after that’s all gone it will be back to the sharpie

Never a problem with CD’s that have been written with a sharpie… I use a fine point to write on CD and extra fine point to put the serial/key or other information that needs to be written in tiny letters… No smears or smudges and no coasters… :4

Where Can I find Sharpies in the UK ? I’ve been looking for a while to no avail… :c If you know of any high street shop that’s got’em… thanks for posting… :4

tssk domi! go mark them :slight_smile: