New mainboard, new issues

Regarding my new mainboard, bought recently (Gigabyte GA-7VT600-1394), I’ve installed it, reinstalled Windows XP (SP1) and everything seemed to work fine, until I wanted to play Half-Life 2, listen to MP3s or edit video.

The thing is, when I play, or listen, or edit, the computer just hangs - and the reset button is the only thing that helps.
I’m very stranged by the situation by myself, as I have never experienced such behaviour…

My config would be :
Gigabyte GA-7VT600-1394, AMD Athlon XP 1700+, 1GB PC2100 DDR-SDRAM (bought right here), Gigabyte GA-RV955128D (Radeon 9550), CMI8738 Sound Card, VIA FireWire Controller (OHCI compilant), Western Digital WD800JB, Maxtor 6Y160P0, and the drives listed in the signature :slight_smile:

I’m thinking - maybe some sort of memory error? I wanted to run a test in memtest86+, but it takes so damn long - and besides, when memory errors occur, Windows returns a STOP error - BAD_POOL_CALLER, and that doesn’t happen!

Hope you can help
Thank you in advance

Your poor soul, I’m running this particular board at present while my sig gear comes. What can i say? I had the exact same dilemma which nearly drove me to drink for a week - I tried Everything. It wasnt until I tried updating to the Hyperion board drivers (every freakin one individually) from the that the problem has now not reoccurred for about a month. It also fixed my brother in laws machine as well who runs the same Board.

Oh, crap.
Well, the problem seems to be gone by now - I turned off an option in BIOS - “Spread Spectrum Modulated”. I didn’t know what it did, but it certainly didn’t do anything good.

And, I’ve downgraded the BIOS from F7 to F4.
Everything works properly now.