New Mad Dog Burner, A BenQ 1640 Rebadged?

8X +R DL, 6X -R DL, same like BenQ 1640. This drive is not out in the US yet and the mad dog just launch this drive. I am hoping it is BenQ 1640, cant wait for the real BenQ to be on the shelves. Any1 know about this? Comments and Opinions are welcome

NEC’s 3540A is also 8x +R DL / 6x -R DL. Seeing as how Mad Dog has always used NEC DVD-writers in the past, I doubt they’d suddenly switch to BenQ out of the blue, especially since BenQ seems to be suffering from supply problems at the moment.

i bought a mdmm 8x dl burner. its a nec3540. i posted this a while back in nec forum. the original mdmm firmware is pretty lame. i have opted for modfied firmware on drive.

what kind of problems?

The Mad Dog drive has a 17 cm length, the Benq 1640 is 17.7 cm. I don’t think it is the Benq model, therefore the NEC is more likely.

I guess you didn’t read my reaction under the news posting that you linked? :slight_smile:

Hehe. I thought the same thing until I checked the timestamps. The original poster in this thread posted about 7 hours before the first news post reaction showed up. :wink:

doh! /me will check timestamps next time :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you mean financial problems (profit hit recently disclosed by the company) or quality control problems ?
Thanks for a hint.

What the… I swore I typed “supply problems” instead of just “problems” in my post. Guess I’m more absent-minded than I thought…

Anyway, to answer your question, it’s neither. The official word is that they do not have enough pickup heads to meet the demand.