New Mad Dog 1.F1 firmware for MD-16X3DVD9-8X(E) drives

Mad Dog has released version 1.F1 firmware for this NEC ND-4550A clone:

Likely just getting around to incorporating the official NEC 1.07 changes?

It’s interesting that the naming seems to identify this as an NEC drive. Although I had flashed my MD-16X3DVD9-8X to Liggy’s NEC 1.07 Bitsetting RPC1 firmware, this update still recognized my drive and offered to flash it to Mad Dog’s 1.F1. I didn’t bother…

Thanks for the headups FordMan.

Sure! Let us know if you see any advantage of it over the NEC 1.07 firmware, if you even plan to bother looking…

The strategy version numbers are the same as 1.07. So i wouldn’t expect it to be much different.


Just curious, what would be the difference between the 1.F0 firmware and the 1.F1 firmware?

What improvement(s) have been incorporated, or what features have been added - if you know.


Bob Shem

More 16x MID’s have been added and more DVD-RAM media is now supported. There may be other improvements, but i haven’t tested the firmware yet.

Here’s a Nero test burn with the Mad Dog EXTERNAL connected with the firewire port. Looks pretty darn good to me. I would guess that the external version of the Mad Dog may be the best NEC + external enclosure setup.

BTW, the disk burned was a Yuden T02 (Sony 8X DVD+R).

ps Thanks Dee-27 for your reply.

Mad Dog seemed to discover the naming issue. The previous link no longer works, and the updated link is:

The CRC for both files is the same, so they merely renamed the original file.