New M/Board Question

Looks like I’m going to have to get a new m/board and I’d like to save as much time as possible,

what I would like to know is ,after installing new m/board and drivers would system be ok or would I get conflicts between the old and new m/board drivers,

I dont want to have to do a fresh windows install if I dont have to.

Unless your buying the exact same motherbord model you will have to do a fresh install of windows.

I just upgraded mine, and while I could still start windows, I got all sorts of interesting errors and complaints from my system…You’re better off just doing a fresh install.

Unless you know which drivers to take out in device manager

Over the years, I’ve done MANY an MoBo/CPU upgrade without having to re-install the operating system, (Thru 98 SE), win ME might not have problems updating itself either, though I don’t know because I REFUSE to do ANYTHING with ME, but this last machine I build for myself, I was also migrating from 98SE to XP as 98 is NOT supported by the MoBo, so NO DICE.

Obviously, a clean install IS by far, the best option if that’s at all possible, but all I can say is, TRY it and SEE what happens. I’ve been doing it since windows 286 successfully, dispite all the nay-saying about it. (Yes, I still have the original 360K windows 286 floppys. :slight_smile: ) What can I say… I’m a sick, SICK man.


Go with what Asid said, despite all “I’ve done that and it works fine” the opposite has been proven many more times. You’ll most likely (~95% of the time) end up with a very unreliable system (if it boots at all) and causing you all sorts of troubles.

Sh*t looks like its going to be a long day 2morro

Interesting reading m8 ,I’ll try and give it go

Thanks G)-(osters. I really dislike mis-information on the web. I’ve worked in small shops and have upgraded MoBo’s without re-installing the OS HUNDREDS of times. I for one, actualy LIKE shortcuts, ESPECIALY ones that don’t leave the customer having to re-install all sorts of apps and spend countless hours getting their operating environment back to the state it was in BEFORE I popped the hood. Sheesh… Sorry, discemination of mis-information just kinda upsets me. Even if you try to let the OS upgrade the drives and it DOESN’T work, what are you really out? You should know that it’s NOT going to work VERY soon after the first boot, so you just delete and re-partition the drive like you would have ANYHOW.

So, as it stands, I’d LOVE to hear if you were able to update your current XP install celeb. Further, I’d be interested in hearing how well it runs. I’d also be interested in taking bets at 20:1 odds in my favor that it’ll work. No such thing as a SURE thing, but I’m willing to take a bit of a risk, as, acording to what I’ve seen, it’s a very well CALCULATED risk, definately slanted in MY favor! I beleive that if it updates alright, I already KNOW the answer to how stable it will be from quite a bit of personal experiance over two decades.


most of the time it will work if you be sure to uninstall major hardware devices and their drivers BEFORE you shutdown and swap the mobo. i have had many successes with XP and Win 2K. only failures i have encountered is when i swapped mobo AND CPU for a HT Intel P4 CPU…reboot, reboot, reboot…reformat :a
plus, people forget that, on the 1st startup with new mobo, you should always enter the BIOS and go through the BIOS options…eliminating devices and options you can live without

Yes what G)-(osters posted works OK, and I have done it a few times, the only thing is XP will never run as good as if you did a full format and fresh install. If your system had a few Bugs before the up grade it’s not going to fix it and they are still going to be there after as well, unless you are going to put up with them, in the end I think you will do a format and reinstall. As the old saying goes with most Short Cuts you end up going the long way around. :slight_smile:

celeb: This is probably too late but I’ll post it any way…:wink:

There is a very good argument for format/fresh install, that would be my first choice. Of course the other side is not having to reload apps and restore backed up data. Here’s a good alternative assuming you are running XP…

After installing the new MB, boot to bios and load default settings, then point to the CD as first boot device.

Boot to your XP disk and choose the second repair option (ignore your first prompt to repair using the console). XP will search the drive for a previous install and prompt you to repair that installation. Continue with the repair option and XP will load the appropriate drivers to get the system running. Once you’re up and running, insert you MB driver disk and follow the prompts.

Of course when that’s complete, go to Windows Update and download current patches and so on and so forth…

The upside: You’ve basically done a clean install as the registry calls are now pointing at the new and correct drivers/dll’s, etc. Additionally your apps, desktop, and data are still in place.

The downside: There’s surely some leftover BS from the original config that is now sitting there taking up resources but have no impact on the current OS as the registry calls to them no longer exist….

Hope it all works out for ya……


Went ahead with G)-(osters :bow: advice and it worked a charm,
system going well and just managed 2 burn 2 dvds at the same time no prob,
so I would say system seems very stable ,
First thing I did before even buying the board was to change to standard dual channel pci ide controller,just to make sure it would boot ok,
after that followed instructions to the letter,
After I finished I looked for hidden devices again to be sure and yes all the muck from previous board was gone :bigsmile:

oh, another happy customer :slight_smile:
maybe i should get people to write their questions on a $50 note and mail them to me.