New LTR-52327S not working right

Are the new LTR-52327S drives without the EEPROM chip defective crap? I was reading about some people having problems writing above 4X with these. I just tried my new drive out, and I’m getting “power calibration” errors with Nero, and the writing procedure aborts using the latest version of Alcohol 120%.
I’m using 80min Imation CDR disc rated at 48X. I’ve tried bumping the write speed down to 4X, but it still aborts. My old LTR-32123S, and my LG 8083B drives had no problems with these disk. I also tried erasing some CDRW disk, but Nero gives the “power calibration” abort, and while Alcohol 120% finished the erase procedure, the disc still contained the data.

i suggest trying to change the aspi layer , and installin the latest version of nero
i believe liteon wouldn’t let a product into the market without throughly testing it.
but mistakes can happen.

When I switched out the old drive for this new one, it seems the mainboard’s BIOS reset the drive’s IDE controller from UDMA mode. After reseting this option, and rechecking the DMA option in Windows, the drive now works great. Thanks for the advice.