New LTR-52327S Firmwares: QS0E/QS57

Well, right after posting QS0D and QS55, I refreshed Liteon’s page and there was QS0E and QS57, so I just updated this post.

This updater will update both hardware versions of the LTR-52327S drive. If it detects a LTR-52327S drive with firmware version QS01-QS0E (a first version drive), then that drive will be flashed with QS0E. If it finds a LTR-52327S with QS51-QS57 (a second version drive) then that drive will be flashed with QS57 firmware.


thanks for the link, any idea about what’s new?

I just checked, “match more media”

has anyone tested the quality of cdrw burn with the new firmware? I forgot to test it before updating it.

G’day all,

Let me share my experience with my LTR-52327S at QS0E.

My LTR-52327S is the first version, with seperate EEPROM, manufactured in October 2003 (I actually have a pair of these, with one still at QS0B).

I flashed my drive with firmware revision QS0E, ran a CD Speed “Creat Data Disc” command with a TDK 48x/RiTEK, and the drive “locked itself” at 28x P-CAV for some unknown reason. On the CD Speed curve, the drive would reach 28x via CAV, then the curve would rise and fall dramatically at speeds ranging from 22x-29x, like some sort of severe power calibration problem existed in the drive. Consequently, I flashed the drive with firmware revision QS0D. All is now well and the drive will write at 32x P-CAV and 40x, 48x, and 52x CAV.

So may my test be a warning to all of you who are considering flashing to QS0E - don’t do it. QS0D works whereas QS0E doesn’t.

I would love to hear everyone else’s experiences.


even i have noticed the drive is quite slow in ripping cd’s too.
and wher can i find qs0d fw.

TVCD, do you mean QS0B, not QS0D?

He does mean QS0D, in the file

It can be downloaded from dave’s website

Ah, cheers for that!
You’ve tried QS0D? I’mm sticking to QS0B right now, as I’m at college, and the drive is back home.

No problems here using QS0E.

Maxell (ritek) Finished create data CD no problem

Infiniti (SKC) Finished create data CD no problem

Imitation (Moser baer) Finished create data CD no problem

Unbranded (Nan Ya) Drive dropped the speed at 34x but rather than dropping it to 24x and staying there as before the drive then continued to increase the speed with it finishing at 42x

Kprobe scans were all very nice.

I flashed to the latest version and I experienced no problems as described above.

Using Imation 48X (certified…it ran at 52x woth no issues though) media.

Thanks for the reports. Keep them coming.

Flash my drive before I read this thread :frowning:

If somebody can point me to the latest Kprobe version, I will report back on a few burns in a short while.

No problems at all with a MMORE CD-R media (Moser Baer India)

Maybe a problem with Ritek media…

YaZ: Kprobe…LiteOn testing tool it’s sticky in the Media Forum.

nice cdr burning so far.

can someone compare the quality of burning cdrw with the older firmware?

Sorry I just wanted to know the version :).
Ok here is my first test:

ISO 1 burnt with Nero using max burn speed of 52x

DataWrite 40x Silver Premium 80m CD-R DataSafe Media.

Smartburn 3.17

Drive Type = CD-RW
Disc Type = CDR
Material = Cyanine
Lead In = 971512
Lead Out = 795973
Nominal Capacity = 702.83MB
Manufacturer Maybe = RiTEK Corporation
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 52X (Write)

Kprobe scan:
Kprobe Scan
Nero CD-DVD Speed:
CD Speed Test Scan

Second Test.

ISO 2. All details as above:

Kprobe Scan 2:
Kprobe Scan 2

CDSpeed 2:
CDSpeed 2

Third Test.

ISO 1 burnt with Nero using max burn speed of 52x

Taiyo Yuden Unbranded sold as 48x rated.

Smartburn 3.1.7

Drive Type = CD-RW
Disc Type = CDR
Material = Cyanine
Lead In = 97:24:01
Lead Out = 79:59:72
Nominal Capacity = 702.83MB
Manufacturer Maybe = Taiyo Yuden Company Limited
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 52X (Write)

TY Kprobe Scan:
TY Kprobe

TY CDSpeed:
TY CDSpeed

Forth Test.

ISO 2. All details the same as third test above.

TY Kprobe 2:
TY Kprobe 2

TY CDSpeed 2:
TY CDSpeed 2

YaZ: Looking at your K-Probe scan with Ritek media I can see that C1/C2 errors levels are quite high. I’m searching all my CD-R’s and will check if I have any Ritek media.
Also can you post a K-Probe scan with that Ritek media and firmware QS0C/0D ?