New LTC-H starts burn fast, then slows, smart-burn disabled

I just received a new lite-on LTC-4816H combo drive. When burning disks in Nero, it starts out quickly then after about 30%, the burn speed drops down to a slow level, burning the 80 min disk takes about 5 minutes at 48x.
I tried turning smart-burn off in Nero and I get the same problem. Also, I downloaded the smart-burn unility and it says that my media smart-burn speed limit is 48X write. I checked, and the drive is in DMA mode.

What is going on here? Should I return the drive for a return or exchange?

The drive is fine. What are the buffers doing during the burn?
If they drop, then you have a DMA problem or some other bottleneck in the system. If they are full, then it’s likely your media causing this. Leave SmartBurn on and lower your burn speed to 40x or 32x and see how it goes. Remember, just becasue it says “48x” on the package does not make it so.
When the drive lowers the speed due to bad media, it drops to a much lower speed and stays there, so setting a lower initial speed will be faster than setting it high.
It would help to know what media this is, SmartBurn checker tells you who make it.

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Thanks for the info. The buffers are full throughout the burn.

The media I am using according to the Smart-Burn checker is from “Lead Data Inc.”

Why would the burn still slow down when smart-burn is turned off? Also, why does the smart burn checker say that my media has a smart-burn speed limit of 48x?

I tried burning at 32x and it still drops down to 16x after about 40%. My previous burner burned the same media fine at 40x.

I’m tempted to get an el-cheapo drive without the smart-burn feature if I will be limited to less than 32x with the lite-on.

basicly the drive is trying hard to give you a useable disk.

maybe the burns from your older drive are not as good quality… have u tried using nero cd speed and surface scan on new and old burns?

or dvd info pro has RPM and surface scanning.

most drives now have some sort of a smart burn feature… even the really cheap ones and liteon is pretty cheap anyway!

i would suggest try buying a little better media.

Lead Data is one of the worst CDR’s money can buy. It absolutely will not burn well at 48x.
SmartBurn cannot be “turned off”, only the initial speed limitation can be disabled in Nero. When the drive detects a coaster in the making, it slows the burn speed way down to try to save the disc.
The only thing you need to do is throw away that media and get something better. But if you are determined to use it, 24x burn speed is the max you should attempt. Some drives limit that stuff to 16x, LiteOn drives are very optimistic with most media, but the Lead Data is so variable that you never know what you’ll get.

rdgrime is correct and the drive you have is very good!

most liteon cdrw are very good and stable reliable burners.
i would not judge the drive on not being able to burn the worst media out there at the max speed.

and bad media usually does not last very long too.
data or video or audio deteriorate quickly. ie becomes unreadable… maybe not in a week or month but if your burning something that you want to keep i would not use those cdrs

i use verbatim datalife and TDK and Fujifilm

Thanks for all the help and information. I didn’t realize there was so much variation in media. I’ll look for some of the better brands.

Has anyone had experience with Memorex CDRs? Do they burn at their rated speed?

i have not ever bought any memorex so i can not tell you sorry.

i stay away from all generic brands and brands that do not traditional make cdrs… jensen, audiobaun, etc…

the media forum would be a good place to ask which media to buy…

and yes you are right there is a huge variation in media and even buying the same brand sometimes they change manufacturers!

Memorex may or may not burn at the max speed; I would guess that their 48x media would. However, Memorex CD-Rs have been made by CMC, Prodisc, Ritek, CMC, Taiyo Yuden, and possibly other brands, so it’s hard to tell what you’re really getting.

Also, I don’t think any drive out there now doesn’t have a feature like Smart-Burn; you would have a hard time trying to find a drive without such a feature if you were to try.