New low sale price for Verbatim 16X

Micro Center has set a new low price level for Verbatim 16X 50 packs, at $13.99, no rebate or other crap.
Watch for Best Buy and Office Max to do the same in the near future.

Not bad, if I had one of those stores nearby. :frowning: Oh well, I’m still pleased with having my free 50 pack that came with that steal that newegg had on the Pioneer 111D a few days back. :smiley:

It is not that much of price difference, the Verbatim DVD+/-R 16X has been on sale always @ BB and OM for $14.99/pack of 50. So the $1 price different is not much of deal.

Uh, I was talking about ANY of those stores. The only thing I have in my area is a Staples.

Too bad 3 of my last 4 packs have been crap, otherwise, I’d be pretty excited.

I have had excellant results with the CMC versions. The +R do well on the Pioneer 111, the BenQ 1655, and my LG 4166 and 4167. The -R are good on the LGs.

The Prodisc versions are marginal.

I know it is only a buck, but it is close to 7% and they are some of the best media out there. Besides, look how crabby you would be if I skipped the post and you stocked up on the old price.

My Office Max price matches so I can get the price as long as the sale is on. The rest of you should get on Micro Center’s mailing list.

Hi Chas,
Is this today Sat. the 19 of Aug.?
I will go there now if it’s today.

The flyer says 8/20 through 9/02 so you will have to wait until tommorrow.

unfortunatley they’re not printable ones. I don’t know if I’m the only one but all the verbatims I’ve purchased so far have this nasty 61 pie spike at around near 1.5gb, the rest of the scan is excellent, it’s always that one spot I get that spike. I guess there must be some kind of surface defect not visible to the human eye.

Does it do it on all your drives? That almost sounds like a write stratagy problem that might be fixed by diffrent firmware (or possibly burning at 12x as some benq’s had problems with 16x).
Fyi if you want printable verbatim, microcenter might be a good place to keep an eye on as they run them on sale for about 17-18$ (for 50) somewhat often.

I only use the Benq 1640 @12x fw BSLB, cuz the other burners I have can’t burn the Verbs as good, aside that 61 pie peek I mentioned in my last post.

OfficeMax has HP DVDs for $12.99 this week. It will be interesting to see if they follow this up with the same price for Verbatim.

There’s not enough detail to know if this is a good deal is there?

What is missing?





This Week

I suppose I could have added that they are the 50 pack, but the web site is pretty clear and that is what we are talking about all along.