New low-price SSD's from Samsung

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As reported by Tech-On, Samsung announced a new series of low-density SATA II Solid State Drives (SSD) that are only 30% the size of 2.5-inch drive. This new series has been purposely created for…

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cant one just buy flash drives with these capacities? i know flash drives are slowwer but hey, these drives are much larger

Portable devices are increasingly going to use removable flash media. With sdhc and memory stick of 8gb+, portable devices such as camcorders, digital cameras, portable media players, laptops will see tangible benefits from the technology. we will finally see digital tape storage die a slow death in the camcorder market similar to what happened with vhs from dvd’s. The other issue for ssd’s is that they make gains in capacity & reductions in price to maintain it’s momentum.