New look to the CD Freaks BB?



noticed some new features to the board, and some other ones got taken away (i.e. # of posts in message), is it a new version of UBB or something?

a tip for admins: if you’re gonna take away the number of posts in the message, at least make a better ranking system, i came up with these:

1-50 posts - newbie burner
51-200 posts - jr. burner
201-300 posts - sr. burner
301 or more - expert burner

i remember theduke asking about a better ranking system a while back, but it never happened. just a thought



All i want to say is that i’m not happy with this!

i don’t like it.

Hope i can chance the duke his mind about this.


no the new ranking system never happened
and i don’t mind
admin/mod/member/junior is ok


hey and what happened to the signatures???