New look for 1640

The drive is manufactured on 6th of Nov. When will 1650 on the shelf?

Interesting - this same site looks to be reporting that the 1650 will be SATA?

Babelfish translation…

Main text.

“BenQ (bright base) announced on the other day promotes newest 16X DVD to engrave recording machine, the model was DW1650.DW1650 will be BenQ first section supports Serial ATA (sequence type ATA) machine the kind. The Serial ATA specification is one kind of new standard memory contact surface, it may allow the storage connection to grow along with the PC platform growth scale. Serial ATA and the present operating system and the driver is compatible, therefore may substitute for parallel ATA, simultaneously will provide the effective platform to develop for the future. It reduces the voltage and the reduction meets the foot number, and may use thinner also the simple platoon line. In addition, Serial ATA provides the faster 150 Mbytes/ second transmission speed. This is and between the DW1640 biggest difference.”
BTW, wild you already have a thread about 1650 :confused: ;

Someone should merge the two threads.

Actually the CDbest post quoted by Wild is about the 1640, not the 1650. I believe the title of this thread has been changed accordingly.

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I’m not sure what the article is about, but the picture (facia only) is of a 1650 .
Other shots are 1640.Left confirmation of 1640. Right transfer lay out on 1650.

Notice the model number on the 1640 in the first link is OK2 showing three different bezels – that is different from OC (US/Canada) and OF (Europe) that I’ve seen in circulation. Also the box shows a 1640 with the Solidburn logo on the bezel.

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Yes, I’ve been having a good look around. The article is 1640, including facia. The SolidBurn part of the logos has yet to be seen in UK AFIK.

I actually just got my Retail 1640 Beige model 0C8- it is Made in China, August 2005 with BSHB firmware. There is no solidburn logo on mine and the box has no mention of Solidburn.

That post in CDbest simply said that starting from Oct 31, the BenQ DW1640 will have a new bezel and a new label that includes :

  1. Traditional Chinese characters in the label
  2. The label has covered up the tray part on top
  3. Solid Burn logo on the bezel
  4. Part of the label in Korean

If you go back to the original BenQ website that post the 1650, they don’t have that anymore, just the 1640.


So it is in the new products section. I was looking at the 1655 and DQ60 and missed the 1650 at the bottom. Nice. Thanks, Dalen Quaice.

All the pics shown in the above mention cdbest URL is the latest package of 1640 sold in the mainland of China.

As most of us are aware Benq will release the 1650 to replace the 1640 soon. I expect Benq would not maintain two production lines simultanteously for both of 1640 and 1650 respectively. Most likely Benq will migrate the 1640 production line into 1650. What surprise to me is that Benq is still manufacturing the 1640 up to 6th Nov(Read carefully the sticker on top of the drive).

Just guess Benq could not ship the DW1650 on or before the Christmas.