New liteon

Just bought a 48246s, not able to back up anything. I thought that liteons were supposed to be able to back up SD 2.
Is it a two sheep burner. Please help

My system. 1800 xp
elitegroup MB
256M sdram
Maxtor 80 gig
CDRW- 48246s

well rather easy to do, just read image to hard drive using “game cd” profile in clone cd and then write it back onto a cd-r using “game cd” profile. this is all done using clone cd.

READ cd icon = 1st icon to the left side of clone cd when you open that program.
WRITE cd icon = 2nd icon, (to the right of the READ cd icon)

note: use cd-rw disks to test it first so you dont waste a million cd-r’s :slight_smile:

good luck :slight_smile:

What specific program are to trying to copy? Make sure you have the latest Clone CD, for starters.

I’m using Clone CD 4. And i am trying to back up MOHAA. I was able to make a disc that would begin the installation, but then, half way through the install I get an error saying Cyclic redundancey, or some thing to that effect.

Also Clone CD says that fast error skip is not supported by the 48246s.

thanks for your help.

Ah HA, success. Thanks for your help guys. :bow:

Does that mean the LTR48125S is also a 2 sheep burner

whats the difference between LTR-48125W and the S models ?

write mode

Originally posted by hburrows83
write mode

in what way ?

No Difference. Smae drive. I think the W is MT. Rainer compliant already out of the box and the S model can be flashed to do so. VS08 firmware. I have the S model. Flashed it now I love it even more. :cool:

as far as i know the S and W stand for the chipset used, correct me if im wrong.

MediaTek 5 for the S
MediaTek 6 for the W

Originally posted by Maelstrom
[B]as far as i know the S and W stand for the chipset used, correct me if im wrong.

MediaTek 5 for the S
MediaTek 6 for the W [/B]

You are wrong! :stuck_out_tongue:

The S and W stand for the used flashrom in the drive. During the lifecycle of this drive they changed from using flashrom from ST Electronics to Winbond. The used flashrom has nothing to do with the used MediaTek chipset. It doesn’t matter at all which flashrom is used. (In the flashrom/eprom the firmware of the drive is stored.)

What’s the difference between a 48256S and a 48125S then?

Originally posted by Dazzler
What’s the difference between a 48256S and a 48125S then?
Perhaps a search in our LiteOn forum would have answered your question… check here for example.

This might be a late reply but never the less might help some.

First off almost all liteon drives after 24X with the mediatek chipset are able to backup the Macrovision Safe disk. As the error correction ability is with in their chipset.

The inability of the earlier version of CCD was primarily due to the fast error skip engine that was used with out going through too much detail.

Now the CRC error is the most common problems that is mostly generated by variety of different factors such as a bad read that results in a bad or incomplete or less than perfect burn. This problem is not burner or brand dependant and could happen to any burner or any model or any title or any protection.

Some of the contributory factors that can cause this is a poor choice of media, too fast of a reading speed that does not produce a complete and correct image, hence give you an incomplete final result that sometimes installs halfway or other wired things, as it is missing some files due to corruptions or a bad burn.

Normally reducing the read speed or a choice of a better certified media would do the trick. In some very odd instances the read speed might have to be set as low as 4X irrespective of how capable the reader, burner or the overall system is. i.e. mafia.

Hopefully this will be of some help to some people,