New Liteon with Firmware 5S54!

I bought just today a Liteon CD-RW 24102, the Firmware is version 5S54, I read around here of many that turn back to a previous better version of firmware…Is this true?Why I have to go back with firmware?What are the problem with new firmware?
Thanks to everybody!!!

If you don’t have any problems with the firmware currently on your burner then don’t change anything.

Some people have changed back to previous firmware versions, because it was that particular firmware version wich worked the best on their computer.

In my opinion(and I’ve done MANY tests) firmware 5s54 is the best.

!!!WARNING!!! Drives shipped with 5s54 firmware will not work with older firmware version. because they have a newer hardware revision that is not supported by older firmwares.

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Thanks to you two Kosh and OC-Freaks…
I would test my drive stability and compatibility on next days!
Thanks for your answers!

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