New LiteOn SOHW-832S firmware: VS08

A big thanks to Guns4Hire for sharing this with us! :slight_smile:

It’s available right now here as a Binary or an uncompressed and unscrambled Windows Flasher

Official download:

Timestamp: 2004/06/03 14:47

2004/06/03 14:47

over month old

loaded ok on my 812@832 with eeprom mod

Works with OP, too. :wink:

good news, i didnt think you would take long to crack the fw out of its egg.


Thanks for uncompressing it and unscrambling it for us, very much appreciated. All loaded up and now its time to wack on it. Again thanks.


first test with +RW is not looking so hot pi is over 300 and po is ok its about 2

im redoing test erase the +RW then burn about 1:32 of video to it see what I get.

Well I think this looks better 11/2, I think lol Im still getting the hang of this kprobe program. I go by the Max section right? Not the total?



setting for kp are 4x 8/1 i see you using 2x.

You should set your speed to 4x

regards and thx

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Yeah Im running 4x right now just checking different settings is all. Since I very new to the program Im trying out the slew of options.


No problems with Ricoh R01.

Sony media, 4x burn:

I just realized that that disc that I was using for reference was the first DVD I burnt when I got this drive back in March 04. With the fw that was original on the drive. LOL what a dup. I got to get a current burn and then do some testing. Ima monkey. Told ya I was new to the program.


812@832 VS08

verbatim mcc003 8x at 8x made in singpore

nero 4388mb data

burn time 9:22

Have you tried “force-fallback” on that MCC003 media? Looks like a good candidate to me…

Sinse you got us VS08, your forgiven… :stuck_out_tongue:


I would really not like to hack fw , i dont really believe in it, if force-fallback could be done in nero i would try it. but if it needs to hack fw I dont want to.

I’m not twisting your arm. If you can live with it stock, that’s fine by me… :slight_smile:

no i will just burn the media at 6x , see the problem is that mcc003 singpore burns like you see, but mcc003 taiwan burns with high 6x level but 4x 8x level under 15 pi
so if i messed with fw for one the other would still not work well

Okay, finally got around to flashing the darn thing. :wink: Instant bitsetting works… Now doing a +R burn…

Yes, we have the same dilemma with R01@R02 strategy switching. Some media loves it and others hate it. There’s no way to know which to use at burn time.

I am however working on an auto fallback, which may solve the issue that your having with the two types of MCC003 media…