New Liteon SHW-1635 , Dodgy laser?

hi all

just bough a new Liteon 16 x SHW-1635
Installed it as master, with a DVD ROM as slave
Booted PC. Windows recognises drive ok. No problems on device manager, it appears as tho it is working fine.
Nero Drive info tool looks fine.

Problem is as soon as I try to get it to read a disk.
Put a DVD in - nothing happens
Audio CD - After massive delay I can open the drive to see the audio files, but when i try to play them nothing happens.
Data cd - v e r y s l o w. pretty much unusable.

Have I just bought a dodgy drive? Could it be a faulty laser?
or is it my system it doesn’t like.

Am gonna have to take it back, but no point in exchanging if the next one aint gonna work either.

Am running XP sp2 on AMD AThlon 3000+ w/ 512Mb Ram

thanks in advance!

Try removing the dvd-rom, and leaving the 1635 as master only… Look what happens, maybe there’s a somekind irq interrupt error, just try if the situation doesn not get better!