New Liteon SHM-165H6s - unable to read any disks?

I just built a brand new computer which included a Liteon SHM-165H6s. When I put most disks in, I am able to see them fine (they do take awhile to comeup and autoplay does not work). When I try to run a setup program, it says “not a valid win32 application”. The disks are fine as they work in other computers. I read about someone having this problem with an older liteon drive, I’m trying to figure out if it is in fact the drive or not.

I have an Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe with the newest Bios.

I did a clean install of Windows and everything. It can read the Windows CD fine, nothing else though.

I’m not sure what to do, it doesn’t look like there are new drivers for it.

I have to find out soon so I can know if I should send it back or not.

Please someone get back to me ASAP if they can help!



Test it on another PC then if fails to read discs send it back.

I just sent back the drive got another one from NewEgg through RMA same problem, I called LiteOn they are saying to call microsoft since it says not a valid Win32 Application, can anyone help me out? I’m stuck.


I have the same drive and the same issue. My computer works with a pioneer drive but not the Liteon. I also sent it back and the new one was the same. I have an ASUS motherborad P5WD2. Would like to know if you have had any sucess getting it to work.

Hello to both of you! Check all the usual suspects: disable IMAPI CD-burning service in XP, check DMA in Device Manager (should be UDMA4 for the LiteOn), use 80-wire IDE-cable, check Master/Slave jumper settings, disconnect any Slave-drive for testing, etc.

What firmware do you guys have? I’ve heard problems with the SHM-165H6S and certain Asus boards. I think it ships with the HS06 F/W, but there is an HS07 version available on in the global section. (Hasn’t made it to yet, of course)

If you get it fixed, could you let me know? I’ve got a P5GD2 Premium at home and an SHM-165H6S on the way, so I’m hoping it will actually work.

Update: I got my drive. It came with HS02 firmware, and didn’t function correctly at all on my system. I updated to HS07 and it’s been working perfectly ever since. It’ll even burn to a spindle of crappy CMC +R media I purchased by accident with no trouble at all.

I changed to the 80 wire cable and the drive started to work. I was unable to update the firmware until changed the cable.