New LiteOn LTR-24102B 5S59

wooho :slight_smile:

dunno whats new…
but enjoy :slight_smile:

prolly just improved playability :wink:

where did you get the firmware from it is not on the official page

           cheers  bighun

Well it is on their page
click here
But it’s only in “Preparing” mode…

But I would like to hear from others who might have tried it…


tested it and it works flawlessly… havent done any extensive testings but so far ive seen some what improved playability in other drives…

my dads compaq could never read y discs with old fw… but now it can so…

lets se if oc-freak makes any extensive testing maybe? :slight_smile:

cheers… :slight_smile:

well i have made a mohaa copy which has tha newest safe disk v2 and it has worked and i have mine at firmware 5S59.
my drive was made in dec 2001 and shipped with 5S54.

good luck :slight_smile: