New LiteOn LDW-851S GS0C

I have a new Liteon LDW-851s DVD burner which is at GS0C…
I was wondering if anyone can tell me how this firmware is and what other may be better for burning DVD’s… I want a clean firmware that I can use to burn my DVD’s with and no problems from the firmware…

Please lend a fellow techy a hand :bow:

Hey mikey, chis out this link
Codeguys mooded a firm and alot of people are very happy so far.
I am one of those… :iagree:

Thanks for the info UNKDUNK…

I also have a questions about software… Currently I am using Nero Burn to burn CD’s and DVD copies… My drive came with Sonic MyDVD. I am wondering which is the better software…

I see some postings saying Sonic is better than Nero and vise versa !!

This of course I use to copy by backup copies that I have already made in another software !!

Also is there a way to backup the previous flash before I upgrade to a new flash ??? If not how do you get back to an older flash if you needed to ?

– Thanks for all and any suggestions and tips that can be given on this topic !!! :confused:

My experience is that the GSOC firmware is very good on -R media such as Ritek G04.
Later firmwares seemed to greatly reduce write quality on -R media.

I am yet to try the latest unofficial firmware, but it sounds promising.

If you download the official LiteOn flash utility, it gives the option to save the current firmware. I reverted back to GS0C and i was very pleased that i saved it.

It’s always a good thing to do, but as you can see, it’s available in both binary and executable formats.

You can also try dch014’s firmware collection…

Sorry VAD, didn’t see your link there… :rolleyes:

Thank you Vad, UnkDunk and Rob NZ for your help…
So far I upgraded to GS0H since I am using DVD+R and saved a copy of GS0C!
I use DVD +R because I do Book Typng to get my DVD’s to work in my Xbox console as well as a standard DVD-Rom…

Can I Book Type with DVD -R ???

What burning program is of choice… Nero or Record Now NX??

It is a wonderful thing to have such resources as this web site for information :slight_smile:

I always appreciate the input from good people ! Thank you !!

:bow: :bow:

No booktyping for -R.

I use nero, +r, usually CMC Magnetics, discs and as Code65536 said, no booktype for -r.
Using GSOH, I was getting around 300 PI, with GSC2, I get around a 7 average, and the read scans using CDCheck reflect the same.
I am extremely happy. I won’t go back to GS0H. I guess I have a lot of faith in the codeguys’. :smiley:

Thank you code65536 and UnkDunk for your feedback!

I will upgrade to GS02 very soon…
Do you use OpmniPatcher?? How does that work ??
What is this blinking orange light problem I hear about often that OmniPatcher will fix??

I am just trying to learn and be able to get good quality and good speed from my burns!!!

Thankful for alll the help !! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Download OmniPatcher, unpack, and find “readme” file that answers most of the questions. Actually, it’s a very well written readme.