New LiteOn LDW-451S firmware: GSB9

Officially released by LiteOn today, along with VS08…

Match more media. :wink:

Timestamp: 2004/05/25 10:59

So this is actually fairly old. About as old as GS0K. In fact, it was built just half an hour after GS0K. In fact, this firmware is almost completely identical to GS0K. Hmm. Now who woulda guessed? :wink:

Speaking of GS0K for the 851S, now, how many people in here with 451S drives are still using a 451S firmware? listens to the crickets chirp Hehe.

Did anyone tried it? What are the results (vs previous firmware)?

Thanks! crt

This update might allow reading of DVD+R9 DL discs…