New LiteOn is available!

Hi, every Litey lover !

Looks like it’s good news 4 ya !

I’ve just discovered it here

the new LiteOn 48/12/48 is available now !

Here you go -
LITE-ON CD-RW 48x12x48x Burn Proof Retail intern IDE LITERW48X12R Ord.pris 1610.00
Webpris 1529.00 SEK ( approx $ 150)

The old one , i.e. LITE-ON LTR-40125-01YC , costs about $ 88 now.


More info about LITE-ON LTR-48125W 48x12x48x ( w good photos & links ) is found at


coooool. cant wait for em to come to england :slight_smile:

coooool. cant wait for em to come to england

Yep . Hopefully it’s there before long :wink:

Hmmm not sure about this? You sure it isnt just a typo? Have you seen it anywhere else? Its not even listed on the Liteon website and if this is a new CDRW then I think they would do a better job of advertising its launch and at least mention it in the news!

Think this is just a mistake by that website, but I hope I’m wrong

Hmmm not sure about this?

:frowning: well, what can i say here ?

  1. First of all, there’s no point in deceiving folks with such stuff.

  2. Secondly, the fact that this new writer is not listed at the Lite-On site doesn’t really surprise me. I hope there would be a lot of people who’d agree with me - their site is not as up-to-date and well-designed as it should be. But…who cares ? They produce and ship good writers instead.

  3. Finally, just go and take a loooong look here, Lite-On CD-RW 48x12x48x intern IDE is being sold at the other Swedish site as well
    One small detail though- it’s written there that " it’s not in stock yet " but i guess it’s coming…

So, Phil, that’s not a mistake. It’s a very obvious thing.
Are you happy now or still confused? :wink:

Originally posted by Phil2002UK
Think this is just a mistake by that website, but I hope I’m wrong
Liteon are often slow at updating the website though.

Elby has already tested it! Works 100% with CCD v4.0.1.3 and supports writing of regualr bit patterns still.

I think it is based apon the MediaTek series “5” chipset like my 32125W, should be able to upgrade it to the 48X :cool:

The series 6 chipset with support for 16X+ ReWrite musn’t be ready yet :frowning:

[QUOTE]Originally posted by BoSkin

:frowning: well, what can i say here ?

Excellent :slight_smile: Cheerz BoSkin, was gonna buy the 40x12x48, but I think I’ll wait for the new one now, yeah Liteon website must be slow updating, when do you think it will be available in the UK? Not too long I hope

Hello, Phil !

Anytime soon. This is what i’ve found for your pleasure, hopefully near you :

CD-RW 48r 48w 12rw Int IDE RP
Mfr code: LTR-48125W-01YC £101.05
Quicklinx: 2178WS

The source is

Good luck :wink:

P.S. Yeah, one more thing. Well, it’s up to you, but I advise you to not rush with your purchase of the “new” writer, 'cos it seems to belong to the very same generation. So, you’d rather buy a 40x12x48 one which is almost twice as cheap or wait until the next generation to come. Believe me, it’s round the corner :wink:

Thanks again BoSkin :slight_smile:

I need a new CDRW to replace my old Yamaha 6x4x16 SCSI, thanks for the dabs link, I dont usually look on there because they arent the chepeast UK site, but I’ll keep checking back every now and then to see when its available.

Its about £40 more for an extra 8x and you prob wont be able to get media for that speed anyway, if I cant wait then I’ll prob go for the 40x as its cheap or wait even longer for the next generation, trouble is you could spend your whole life waiting because when its here, theres always something better just around the corner. I’ll most likely buy the 40x if I cant wait any longer, thanks for all your help



You’re welcome !
You’re right, Phil, I fully agree with everything you’ve said.
It’s not worth spending additional £40 in order to gain just a couple of secs of burning. We are not at the F1 race, are we ? :smiley:
Quality over quantity !

Just go for it and buy a x40w LiteOn. I swear God you’re gonna get it for around £ 60-65. This would be a good ( and wise !) buy.

Hasta la vista ! See ya around :wink:

Originally posted by BoSkin
We are not at the F1 race, are we ? :smiley:

Sure we are! Everything for a few more seconds… :slight_smile:

Everything for a few more seconds…

I don’t think so, Airhead. Something but not everything.

It’s sad that you didn’t get my point about " quality over quantity "
I just wonder whatcha gonna do when the writers’ reasonable speed capacity’s reached its limit ? lol ! Play Russian Roulette ?
Aren’t you spending a lot more seconds on finding the right and cheaper media, for example ? And stuff like that ?
I pity those who mixed up the burning process with some kind of sport.
But that’s I guess another story.

Hej så länge !

P.S. BTW, where did you say you are working - at Coaster Factory ? :smiley: just kidding, man

I did write it with a bit of irony didn’t I…?
I too belive in quality over quantity, and I get excited when I find some good quality, cheap CD-R’s… :slight_smile:

Sometimes, CD-burning is like the Grand Prix of Monaco, you see…
Alright, it’s another story… :smiley:

Hej på dig med!

Hej, Airhead !

You mean, exiting ? That’s for sure !
Well, as you could notice my words too were sprinkled with some irony, hopefully you didn’t take them too seriously :wink:

All in all, we all here are brothers in arms :smiley:

MVH ! Go’ natt !

More info about LITE-ON LTR-48125W 48x12x48x is found at

btw, excellent pictures ! :slight_smile:

Originally posted by BoSkin
[B]More info about LITE-ON LTR-48125W 48x12x48x is found at

btw, excellent pictures ! :slight_smile: [/B]


I found this thread a bit too late. :slight_smile:

I posted the same here here. Took me too long to create an account here.