New Liteon DVDrom LTD166S is coming



According to Liteon’s website there’s a new DVDrom the LTD166S coming.


16X DVD-ROM & 48X CD-ROM with Pure-CAV Technology
E-IDE Interface, Support all PIO, MW-DMA, Ultra DMA/33 modes
Conform to DVD-Multi Standard, Access all CD Family & DVD Family Media
Supporting Power Saving Function
SMART-X® Technology Support High Speed Digital Audio Extration (DAE) & High Speed VCD Data Extration
Supporting Plug & Play ; Emergency Manual Eject
High Speed DVD/CD Playback Technology to Improve Playability
Easy-Tray® Design for Both Horizontally & Vertically Use
Gear-Driven Tray Loading Mechaniasm to Improve Reliability
ABS® Auto Balance System Mechanisam to Reduce Vibration & Noise
Speed :
DVD-ROM 16X ( 6.4X ~ 16X )
CD-ROM 48X ( 20X ~ 48X )
Interface :
Sustained Transfer Rate :
Support up to Ultra-DMA/33, 33.3MB/sec
Burst Transfer Rate :
DVD-ROM 8600~21600 KB/sec
CD-ROM 3000~7200 KB/sec
Access Time :
120ms ( typical )
Support Disc Format :
Conform to Multi-Read & DVD-Multi Standard
UDF, all DVD single/dual layer ( PTP, OTP ), DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW
ISO-9660, all CD-ROM formats both 8cm & 12cm discs
Support Operating System :
DOS 6.xx, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, OS2 Warp
70’000 Power On Hours with 20% Duty
Audio :
S/N >= 60dB
Earphone >= 0.5Vrms @ 1KHz
Temperature & Humidity :
Operating : 5C to 45C; RH : 15% to 80%, Non-Condensing
Non-Operating : -20C to 60C; RH : 15% to 90%, Non-Condensing
Dimension :
W x H x D : 145.8 x 41.3 x 170.0mm
Weight : < = 1.0Kg
Power Requirement :
DC + 5 V ( +/- 5%, 100mVpp ripple ), 1.5 A ( max ), 0.09 A ( min )
DC +12 V (+/- 5%, 200mVpp ripple), 1.0 A ( max ), 0.03 A ( min )
User Interface :
LED Indicator, Stereo Ear Phone Jack, Volume Knob, Stop/Eject Button, Play/Skip Button
IDE Socket, Power Input, Analog Audio Output, Digital Out, Master/Slave/CS Jumper



Doesn’t seem to be anything new… Maybe the parts of the 165H are being phased out like they did with the 163… Or did I miss something in the text maybe…


Can this baby read DVD-RAM and DVD+R?
Couldn’t find them in the spec’s.

I hope this one can read ALL DVD-formats, like the 165.


So what exactly is the improvment over 165H?


Probably just the new controller chip, 6S like the name says.
Maybe this new drive can read DVD-RAM and DVD±RW at faster speeds, who knows.


all Liteon 16X DVD-ROM in Malaysia is 166S model now,can i make it region free like 165d?same method?any modified firmware?Thanks…


You can now make it region free very easily.
No need for patched firmware.
Get the RPCED utility at the firmware page or at my site.

It’s working like magic, with the 166s too :bigsmile:


Mangoo wat a great job!i already flash my Liteon LTD163D using the modified firmeare on yr site.My next taks is to help bro to get his DVD-ROM too.Since the RPC utility still working with 166S model,i would defnitely get it,no need to buy those Expensive drive like Asus or Pioneer(poor uni student here:P).thanks you man!


No probs mate,
happy I could help :cool:


I hear the new LTD-166S and the LTR-48246S will be available in about 3 weeks or so in Europe.
Great news.


Anyone who successfully make their LTD 166s DVD Drive to region free??
I have doubts in trying out this utility from Mango.
I tried but it seems like not functioning at all.
My LTD-166s has not set to any of the region code. It remains exactly as it is (Manufacturing Setting).
Question, do I need to set the region code first b4 I try?? Thanks.


No you don’t have to set the region first. You can but it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you chose the “Disable” button andthat if you’re running Win xp/pro or 2k that you enable Win98 compatibility mode for RPCED.exe.

A few owners have reported success with RPCED+ltd166s :cool:


Just occur to me: you say “I tried but it seems like not functioning at all”.

Did you check the drive with CdvdInfo or DriveRegionInfo?
You must know that you can’t believe Windows on that matter, if you’ve read my RPC page… :wink:


Thanks for the reply.

Again, I’ve done all the homework before hand, and I read all your articles regarding to this as well.

I tried run on both with/without Win9x Compatibility mode and only get it ran on the WinXP without setting to Win9x Compatibility mode. Once it is enabled (Win9x Compatibility), it complaints that ASPI is not installed, which I already done.

When it runs, it choose the correct drive and click the disable button as well, but the region info tools report the same thing as before. So I am confused now.

Thanks and looking for your reply once again.
Thank you.


Ok, Running it on your system without W98 comp mode makes no sense and it’s obviously not happy with your ASPI layer.

I suggest you run “ForceAspi” which will first backup your existing ASPI files and will install version 4.6, which is the least troublesome of all. If you want you can return to the previous situ after successfully running RPCED.

Get ForceAspi here:


LITE-ON LTD-166S available @ for $44 free shipping for our US residents. Although you’ll have to pay tax if you live in Cali. I’ll pick it up in a month or two when I build another system.


OK, I am now downloading the ASPI driver and will confirm to you once I get the things done.

Thank you for guiding me up to this stage and I will thank you once again if (hopefully) I succeeded.


Hi Mango, I tried out all these and you know what’s the outcome??
I got a Region Free DVD ROM Drive!!!

Here, thanks for your helps and your patient in guiding me through the whole process.

Well, latest ASPI does not work all the time, but the good old stable version of ASPI just do it right.

For those who plans to buy a new DVD ROM Drive, try to get this Lite-On LTD-166S. It reads all the DVD formats listed in Nero Info Tools. On top of this, making it region free is easy.

Read out this from Mango’s Site.
Download a good old ASPI driver from Mango’s Recommended Site

Again, thanks to Mango. You the genius!!


Well done Aahkam :cool:

I’m happy for you and very glad I could help.

Enjoy the freedom



i read on another forum that 165H actually supports all the different dvd standards (DVD / DVD+ / DVR-R / DRV+R / DVD-RAM), while 166s is a cost down version and doesn’t support DVD-RAM…

it’s a taiwanese forum (in chinese)… here’s the link (for those who can read chinese):
(the 5th post)

however, i can’t confirm whether this is true or not…

the guy who posted this info is also the guy who releases the “all region” firmwares for these liteon dvdrom drives… (the post above is actually for the release of the modified “all region” CH0Q firmware for 165H)