New LiteON DVD+/- RW Drive finally here?!

Bah, that’s just the Sony DRU-500A rebadge… the LDW-400D

If you didn’t notice, it has been out for weeks now.


Little better price though…

and for when are the “real” liteon drives expected, or are the first drives all rebagged drives too ?

mhhh… I have heared these Sony-DVDRWs are bulit by Lite-On.
I think only the firmware is different.

Where can we get the firmware for the new Lite-On DVD burner.

Things i heard about the sony drive aren’t that great…
(plenty of dead drives already , problems with dvd media etc)

So i would not like to have one of those.
Currently i have the nec nd1100… cheap and good.

anyway, I only hope liteon is going to produce their own dvd writers. So they are as good as their cd-writers :slight_smile:
The sony dvdwriters are just expensive and the quality of the drive is questionable. (imho)