New liteon drive won't work

this is the second one this week been using samsung with no problem’s liteon model number lh-20a1s12c never been able to make a liteon work in my machines could someone tell me what gives thanks for the help in advance :a

Maybe a Mod can tranfer this thread to the right forum so you can get better help this is thew DVDFab forum and not the Optical Drive forum :rolleyes:
which as a forum for Liteon and samsung

i posted this in the right place drive will work with dvd shrink it crashes on dvd fab i was hoping maybe someone was having the same problem ie maybe i have to set fab a different way

Sorry you did not say anything about it works with other program but not with DVDFab :rolleyes: , when posting an issue it always good to any and all info so those who respond have a better idea on the problem :smiley:
Please post a burn log which can be found at C:\Documents and Settings…username…\My Documents\DVDFab\Log\DVDFab_burn_VSO.log. This is a text file that you can open with Notepad and copy and paste a few recent entries into a reply post.

i will be give more info next time i will post today thank you