New Liteon CDRW and DVD firmware

Firmware R526SO7 for the 52246S, R48sso9 for the 48246S, DSOF for the 166S and CHOZ for the 165H. All match more media.


Good (morning) news ! :bigsmile:

Good morning too. The 165H is now seen as JLMS XJ-HD165H. It still caches audio with EAC:(

hehe this is good stuff… I am gettin my LTR-48246S tomoz after selling my 40125W @ 48125W and I just got my LTD-166S today aswell

Flashed my Sony CDRW with R526SO7 & it works like a charm :smiley:

Thanks Nico, beat me to it again :smiley:

The 163/163D are still “Constructing…”

Oh, the audio caching, I think you better get used to it. Apparently those engineers don’t see anything wrong with audio caching and to be fair, the only prog that has a problem with it is EAC, and then only in secure mode.

Cheerz :cool:

Updated the page with latest BIN files. :slight_smile:

Get it here: