New LiteON 832S, what FW and so on

Just bought my first DVD-writer. Just simple questions, what will I need. S04-firmware most propably (?), bitsetting utility (if I use + records sometime) region free (what programs to use). So basic utility setting info would be nice, thank you :cool:

Hi, nice buy :slight_smile:

I think you should have a look at these 2 posts:
<a href=“” target=“new”>Read first: Comprehensive LiteOn Tools Collection 3.43</a>
<a href=“” target=“new”>Read first: The Big Lite-On FAQ</a>

That you can find on the forum. You should find everything you need (Region free, bitsetting util, and much more).

Regarding to which firmware I would suggest you to use VS04.

Yeah, just tried to make sure. I “firmwared” VS04, used the tool to take out the region setting and downloaded bitsetting util (which I haven’t yet used, does it work good? I remember reading something from CDR-info’s review…)
Burned the DVD+R, which came with the drive with full 8-speed, no problems there. Worked fine. Now it’s to find a good/cheap brand of media,that works everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

Great links,

I have just ordered an 832S as my first DVD burner and am trying to find out what media the 832s seems to like best as before choosing the lite-on over the NEC I read a number of threads whilst lurking here which seemed to suggest the Lite-Ons were more picky about media…

My HP CD writer has always been fond of verbatim CDs so I have generally stuck with them so does anyone have any good DVD+/-R(W) recommendations
and is it better with any particular brand of CD-R for the occasions when I can’t use a DVD.

Any info would be appreciated,


Liteon burners are fond of high quality medias like verbatim and discs that have ricoh dye (especially ricohjpn01, even if it is only rated @ 4x you can burn it @ 8x just fine).
the picky media issue doesnt apply for cd-r. liteon is still king of burning cd-rs ^^.


Thanks for that,

I’ll try an order some DVD media over the weekend.


I have an 812s and had to use omnipatcher to get the Richihjpnr01 to burn at 8x which it does just fine (same with verbatim M002 …Mistsubshi.)

I had an 811s that had the speeds set to 8x in factory firmware but for some reason the 812 was set back to normal 4x.

I presume the 832 is the same. So Omni Patcher was a must since I was enabling bitsetting anyway, I fixed the 2 media i use most to burn at 8x! <USON firmware>

Anyway, no problem since the 812 now burns the above +r media at 8x with GREAT results! So will the 832 I bet.

I’m too having problems with burning. Bought 5 Maxell DVD-r’s and first one was a failure (at 4X, which they are rated). Also, Maxell CDR’s didn’t burn right at 32X (rated 48X), but are working fine with 24X… I am considering taking the drive back and changing to another brand. I haven’t had so much problems with LiteOn writer ever before…

Anybody else having same kind of problems? Would be nice to know, if I have a bad drive or if it’s the 832s generally… Don’t like to waste expensive discs for coasters…

Its the firmware i think its still a little bit buggy and waiting for the next takes years …

Hmmm, it’s strange… Maxell media fails on lead-in writing giving some error code. Fujifilm -RW, which I have gives error in someway across the burn (1X -RW rated). Friends TDK -RW fails too (rated 4, won’t work even at 2…)
Jesus! For a piece that costed me 105€, I have to say I’m furious. Any DL-burner on market that actually works… I’m going to make them pay for my coasterDVD’s :smiley:


if you want to be sure that your drive is OK and you like to try something “exciting”, you could (temporarily, of course) “downgrade” your 832s to an 812s with the omnipatcher, using firmware US0N (available also at Codeguys homepage), which has a good reputation (read here or here) with various types of (single-layer) media… this is interesting to do if you are not using DL media at the moment! :wink:

Have fun,


Yeah, who would be using DL-media at this time :slight_smile:
I’m actually thinking, that I would go and chance the drive to NEC’s 2510 tomorrow…

Well, I have a Liteon 832 and a Nec 2500… I love both! The Litey is a good burner and a wonderful reader/tester with KProbe and let you go nasty firmware tricks, the Nec is a WONDERFUL burner… :rolleyes:

Regards, ET

I have Liteon’s 165H DVD-ROM and it has been (and still is) a wonderful reader, fast and good. But this 832S… What a total source of sadness it has been :Z I have always trusted LiteOn, but this one is something else…

Well, I burned the 812S-US04 FW and Maxell’s worked wonderfully straight away… Jesus, I’m amazed why they haven’t upgraded the FW for 832S yet! Unbelievable! Thank god these things have a year guarantee, so I CAN wait using my 832S with 812S’s FW and still change the drive, if not satisfied later when DL media becomes cheaper…

Good MSuomi,

thanks for reporting back your success! So you are almost sure that your is not a defective drive…

About firmware upgrades I think that you are right, some weird thing happens in the computer world (and not only, unfortunately…).

However, thanks to the Codeguys and other people in the Liteon community, you can overcome this (temporary, I hope) limitation in a great way, isn’t it?

All the best, :slight_smile:


Absolutely. I have trusted LiteOn drivers for a LONG time, never had this kind of problems before… LiteOn community is wonderful, I mean for example bitsetting is a feature which is crucial… That is one thing why I wanted to choose LiteOn drive… As I really can’t (and with these prices won’t) get my hands on DL-media, it really doesn’t matter to me at this point. And knowing that LiteOn usually brings a LOAD of FW’s to their drives, I have a firm belief that the situation with 832S will get better. And if it doesn’t I can still make a guarantee change… So I’m kinda happy for now.
And these forums have been a kinda nice place to be too :bigsmile:

As I used the Omnipatcher and enabled the “Automatic bitsetting” or something like that :wink: Am I correct to believe, that it sets the +R media automatically to DVD-ROM bitsetting? Would be cool to know, as my Xbox doesn’t read +R’s (without bitsetting…)