New Liteon 52327S problems

I installed my new Liteon 52327S cd burner today and it seemed to go without a hitch. The drive reads a cd and there do not seem to be any problems with it. However, when i go to use Nero Express it says that the only drive available is the ‘Image Recorder’ (meaning the new drive) and this wont let me continue writing to partially written CD for example. This isn’t how Nero classified my old drive. How can i remedy this and can someone explain please!! :confused:

Many thanks

What version of Nero are you using? I’m asking this because versions prior to 5.5.10.x won’t recognize this drive… You have to find a newer version of Nero.

Nero 6.x will definitely recognize the drive.

Hope this helps!

Nero Ekspress is only valid with your old burner.

Install the Nero Ekspress from your 52327s box, if you got a retail version.

Otherwise download a demoversion from

That worked - I installed the newer version of Nero and it finds the drive now. Thanks a lot.

Can anyone recommend a good brand of CDs to use with this drive?