New Liteon 48125W firm

Hi, new LTR48125W firm here:

What’s New:
Solve the recorded DIVX files’ playback problem

Playback… recorded DivX files? :confused:
Why not “match more media”? Strange…

I suppose it’s a workaround for a M$ bug…

Can someone plz. do a firmware comparison ZS0P vs. VS0B?

i am more interested in a 1S05 & VS0B comparison. :bigsmile:

Wonder if they have added any more improvements to the firmware apart from that? Is anyone going to do a full test on the firmware?

Hrm…well, I have it flashed…so far, not seeing any real differences. Dont think media compatibility is any different really.

Anyone done any major testing yet?

Anyone found out if the Overburning Capacity Determining Bug is removed/corrected ???

BoSkin confirmed that the overburning bug is still present.:frowning:

How is this VS0B with protected Audio disks… I know VS08 couldn’t copy protected audio like CDS200 etc, instead of his little brother the ZS0P, which has no troubles with it.

I want to know this, because if the VS0B can read iAudio protections i’m going to flash my 40125S to that 48125W drive.

problem resolved with VS0B (and VS08) for burning cactus protection.

but, to avoid problems, I do the reading on my Toshiba DVD (1612), it reads every audio protections as Cactus, Key2Audio, etc… So, you can read … you can burn !

good luck


(Lite-On 40125W -> 48125W VS0B)